Level Two (M-2)

Marian Missionaries Level Two (M-2) consists of all those who have read 33 Days to Morning Glory, 33 Days to Merciful Love, and 33 Days to Greater Glory, who have embraced the Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy spirituality and mission through a daily commitment to prayer (M-1), and who also give themselves to the mission in more extraordinary ways (see below and Commitment Form).

M-2 Guests

The M-2 Guest Program (formerly called “M-1”) consisted of single men and women who would give a year-long commitment to God in Lee, Massachusetts by embracing the Marian Missionary spirituality and mission through an ordered life of community, prayer, formation, and service. This program is no longer available.

M-2 Support Team

The M-2 Support Team consists of all those who administratively support, manage, and direct the Marian Missionaries organization. This includes the Board of Directors and the leadership and administrative teams in Lee, Massachusetts, and at the Mary and Mercy Center in Ave Maria, Florida.

M-2 Partners

The M-2 Partners are individuals or groups who work directly or indirectly with the Marian Missionaries Support Team to spread the mission through various apostolic works. For instance, M-2 Partners include those Marian Missionaries who lead Hearts Afire Programs in their parishes or who work with the Support Team to spread Marian Consecration.

M-2 Solidarity Team

The M-2 Solidarity Team consists of those Marian Missionaries who commit to making a monthly donation to support the mission. Such Missionaries will receive a free 10’x18’ canvas Divine Mercy image as a special thank you. Members of the Solidarity Team are encouraged, from time to time, to make a small sacrifice of some luxury item and then to add the money they saved from their sacrifice to their monthly donation. This way they are even more in solidarity with the Missionaries who give a year or more to serve others.

M-2 Friends from the Cross

The M-2 friends from the Cross consists of all those Missionaries who bear the cross of extraordinary suffering and include the mission of the Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy in the prayerful offering of their suffering to God. Such Missionaries become a “Friend from the Cross” by making the following offering either one time or regularly:

My Father, if it be possible, let this chalice of suffering pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will. If you do not will it to pass, then I accept to drink of it with love, obedient to your will, and uniting it to the redemptive sufferings of your Son, Jesus.

Mary, please help me in this my suffering. Intercede with your Spouse, the Consoler, that he may be close to me, giving me strength to bear my cross with love.

Merciful Mother, I offer you all the merits of my suffering. I give you permission to use them in whatever way you will. May they be for God’s greatest possible glory and the salvation of souls. Also, I ask you to remember my family and friends and the intentions I hold in the silence of my heart. [Pause to recall your intentions.]

Finally, dear mother, please remember the Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy. Through your prayers, their efforts, and this suffering I offer you, may our work of Divine Mercy win the whole world for God as quickly as possible and thus prepare it for the final coming of your divine Son, Jesus. Amen.

Commitment Form

To make your commitment as an M-2, please fill out the Commitment Form.
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